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Why join a league at Elite Fantasy Basketball League

- Excellent payouts
Some sites payback only 50% of the prize fund! Check out our payouts and see for yourself why Elite Fantasy Basketball League is the better choice. Each league also rewards the regular season total points winner.
- No hidden costs or fees
You pay a one-time league fee to manage your team through the football season.
- Support
Have an issue, question, problem? E-mail or call a toll-free number and you'll receive a quick response that is NOT automated. There's actually a human behind the technology that cares you are 100% satisfied - imagine that!
- Choice
Live draft vs. e-mail draft, point per reception or not, normal, flex or super-flex lineups, many pricing options and you even select the type of payout you like. Our public leagues offer quite a variety.
- Fairness
The blind bidding system and a hold that is placed on dropped players makes a level playing field. It is impossible for 2 members to try and "trade" players to help each other out. A released player is not available until the next blind bidding process so everyone has an equal chance to bid on a dropped player.
- Unbiased & Experienced Commissioner
This will be my 17th year commissioning fantasy football. As an experienced commish, I've had many decisions over the years including the need to dismiss owners from leagues, settling arguments and approving or rejecting trades. Any league member suspected of any suspicious activity will be investigated and proper action will result which may include banning the member from further league activity. My main focus is to provide you the fairest place to play on the web. For example, each and every trade is reviewed by Elite Fantasy Basketball League and most will be approved. There will be times though when it is obvious a trade smells wrong and it will be rejected. Every league member has the opportunity to voice their opinion with reasonable explanations and to protest trades. Elite Fantasy Basketball League though is the commissioner for each public and private league so the league members do not veto a trade by themselves - the system is there to alert the commissioner to check into the trade. This way you receive the fairest way to play fantasy football on the web.
- Check our testimonials
The testimonials are owners that found us just as you have - searching the Web for a great place to play fantasy football.
Logon and try a mock draft and see for yourself why Elite Fantasy Basketball League continues to be the best place on the Internet for fantasy football!

Evolution of Elite Fantasy Basketball League

It all started in 1993 when a friend and I were about to spend an afternoon playing Tecmo Bowl, when the question was asked, 'have you ever heard of fantasy football?' 'Yeah', I replied, 'every week when I come to your place and you think you're gonna kick my butt at Tecmo Bowl.' He proceeded to tell me about this great revelation that he made and about 15 minutes later he asked what I thought of fantasy football. I told him it sucks and let's start another season of Tecmo. Well, it took weeks for him to convince me to join his league. Once I started, I was totally hooked.

The league started with 6 teams the 1st year and we added 2 teams per year for the 1st few years. I won the 1st four Fantasy Bowls behind Emmitt Smith and Steve Young in a 3 player keeper league (Emmitt was holding out our inaugural year and I took a risk picking him in 3rd round). After winning the 4th straight year, my friend had enough and I took over as sole commissioner. The league has now folded as I spend my time commishioning Elite Fantasy Basketball League.

The enjoyment I get from commissioning, seeing other owners improve and manage their teams always fascinated me. I've been yearning for years to develop a fantasy football site where anyone could join in this amazing phenomenon. I knew some programming but it would have taken me years to learn enough programming to develop such a site. I gave up the thought of programming a site myself but the craving continued to share the enjoyment of fantasy football.

I developed a plan for a site and sought a development team to make my dreams become reality. A daunting task indeed, but I found an excellent programming team to develop Elite Fantasy Basketball League. It is truly remarkable to see the development of a custom site and everything that needs to be accomplished. I always wondered why there weren't more fantasy sites for public leagues and now I found my answers. The combination of football, programming, communication, business and marketing knowledge all comes strongly into play to develop a site such as this and Elite Fantasy Basketball League was worth every minute.

Elite Fantasy Basketball League Choice

Elite Fantasy Basketball League believes in choice. You may join a public league or form your own private league. You can also use our software for the season while you have a live off-line draft and enter the players in our database. Usually you would need to form a private league to have any choices but Elite Fantasy Basketball League offers quite a variety even for our public leagues.

Public leagues choose from different lineup options ' Normal, Flex and Super Flex. You choose whether you like point per reception scoring or not. You even have a choice in payouts! Elite Fantasy Basketball League not only offers generous BIG-time payouts but offers it 2 different ways. Elite Fantasy Basketball League doesn't believe in taking away money from winning teams and giving to losing teams for competitive balance. (Although I will assure you that any team that has apparently given up will be accounted for and a legitimate lineup WILL BE submitted on their behalf).

You may choose a Top Payout league that will pay only the top 2 or 3 teams. The other choice is to join a Playoff Payout league that will pay all the playoff teams (except for $25 leagues that will pay most of the playoff teams). If you still want more options, form a private league with some friends and choose numerous lineup and scoring options!

Elite Fantasy Basketball League also realizes many times the best team during the regular season becomes a dud for the playoffs. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this but to help alleviate some of the pain for the playoff plummet we award the same payout for the highest scoring regular season team that the fantasy bowl loser is awarded.


Besides being the owner and webmaster for Elite Fantasy Basketball League, I have a web consulting business. I really enjoy making other people's dreams a reality by assisting in the development of web solutions for those that seek online businesses. I have primarily lived in Eastern Pennsylania my entire life but have never been an Eagles fan. If I must admit it, I have been a long-time Chargers fan since the days of Air Coryell. My hobby is quite obvious and any free time I find is with my two precious little girls.

Mission Statement

My objective is to give everyone a place where they can enjoy and escape the realities of the real world. Fantasy Basketball is an amazing phenomenon and is just plain fun! I'm just here to try and contribute to the amazement and the fun that we call fantasy basketball.

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